More about the Florida Association for Behavior Analysts

The 26-year old Florida Association for Behavior Analysts is the largest statewide organization in the country committed to the promotion and support of Behavior Analysis.

The purpose of the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis is to promote the use of ethical, humane and effective application of behavior principles in all segments of society, including education, business, rehabilitation facilities and government.

Members of FABA come from a variety of backgrounds, including consulting firms, state government programs, private therapy practices and school administrators. The organization's purpose is to serve these individuals' continuing education needs and network professionals as the field continues to develop and expand.

FABA's annual conference, held each fall, is a popular forum for exchanging ideas and data-based research related to Behavior Analysis, Behavior Therapy, Performance Management and Behavior Management programming. The group also publishes a quarterly newsletter, The FABA Observer, to share information on new facilities and new effective programs for treatment in Florida. In an effort to encourage networking, FABA also publishes an annual directory of members, including their special areas of interest and expertise, as well as the presentation topics for each year’s conference.